Welcome to Little World Play School.

Our brand aims to set a new benchmark in the field of Education through its unique yet thought provoking intellectual learning methods. A noble initiative of Akshar Gnyan Educational society aims at imparting education through conversation simulating real situations. This path has increasingly called the attention of the students to be rapidly assimilated, to be fun, interactive, effective and efficient.



The school focuses on all facets of child development. While toddlers and preschoolers need constant supervision, we provide a safe and stimulating environment where children feel protected, cherished & admired as individuals.



The first few years of a child’s life are crucial to form a foundation for good education, morals, self discipline and social integration. Our programs are specifically designed to lay such a foundation for the kids in order to achieve their maximum potential.



Little World managed by a professional team, comprising of people with broad knowledge and vast experience in the domain of education and management.

About us

Our professional team believes in the frame work which educators create. Our Little World Play School work is organized within this frame work which includes Structural, Process and Alignment components that are associated with each individual child that has both academic and social outcomes.


Our programs are designed to stimulate the thinking process, focusing on all facets of child development. We believe in personalized education through the Montessori and Play way method.

News and Events

We are stepping out to create a Little World for your little one's.


Admissions are now open.

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Academic Year 2015

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